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Pay as you grow

Training at scale can be expensive. Microsoft Community Training brings down costs by ensuring you only pay for cloud services consumed when learners actually use the platform. We charge no licensing fee.

How many learners do you have?

Pick a configuration that suits your needs
Get same features irrespective of configuration and only pay for the difference in performance based on your needs.


Use this configuration type when you have lower traffic requirements and limited training content on the platform


$289 *

per month

~$0.014450 per user


Use this configuration type when you have higher traffic requirements and want to provide smooth user experience at scale


$509 *

per month

~$0.025450 per user

*This is only an estimated cost for the platform usage with 15% of monthly active learners and 45 minutes of video consumption a month. The actual cost may vary depending upon various factor like the amount of content stored, active users on the platform, time spent watching videos, video size, etc.